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    Firstly What is GPRS?

    Second how does it apply to Sprint or not?

    I noticed it seems related to Cingular or T-Mobile.
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    It stands for General Packet Radio Service and it does not apply to Sprint and the treo300.
    It allows for:
    "Persistent Internet connection for instant access to web and email—without having to dial up
    Faster connection speeds than with a regular dial-up connection
    More control over incoming phone calls—you can answer phone calls even while you're checking your email, your data call will reconnect as soon as you're off the phone"

    It's an upgrade for the 180 and 270 series treo's which will give you an always on data connection.
    Currently available for T-Mo and hopefully someday this century it will be approved for the Cingular network.
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    Also only applicable for GSM networks (european standard and the most widely-used digital cellualr standard). Sprint and Verizon use CDMA which is not compatible with GSM or GPRS. They have their own "always-on" data networks (not really always-on, but is packet-based) called 1xRTT. Actually faster than GPRS, but not by much. So, Cingular, ATT and T-Mobile in the US use GSM/GPRS, and Verizon and Sprint use CDMA/1xRTT.

    Clear as mud?

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