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    I am probably paranoid but is it ok to charge the Treo with the included car charger? I use the heck out of my Treo every day and find that an overnight charge w/the ac adapter just isn't enough to get me through a whole day (I use SMS & web a lot). If I could safely use the car charger without worrying about damaging the Treo, that'd be great. I thought I read some posts about warning folks not to use the car charger. For now, my charger is just lying around the floor of my car waiting to be used...
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    i have had my treo 270 since day one and had a 180 before that and i always use my car charger i have never had any problems relating to charging

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    I think only the ones that came with the 300 are bad. Go to Best Buy and buy a car charger. Put the one you got with the Treo back in the package and a day later return it. Say "Oops! I didn't realize my Treo came with a car charger."

    Or wait two months for Sprint to automaticly send you out a new one. (I bought my 300 in Oct. and received a charge via UPS on Dec. 16th).

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    what did you do to get a free charger shipped to you?
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    I didn't have to do anything. Sprint sends them out about 2 months (from my experince) after activation.
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    Sprint did the same for me. I got my Treo the week it came out. Around November I got a replacement car charger. It's still sitting on my counter. I'm using the original one and have never had a problem with it. If I remember correctly in the memo that came with the new charger they state that there was a issue with the original charger not charging the Treo when the batter was extremely low or dead.
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    If you do a search on this board for "cla" or "battery charger" or something like that, you'll find that the original car adapter that was shipped with the 300 was faulty, and caused soft resets during the charge mode. Sprint FINALLY acknowledged that, and shipped new chargers to everyone. I'm not sure that the current chargers are that way, so I wouldn't count on getting a new one. I have been using the new one (as well as a second one that I got through HS) for more than 6 months, and haven't had any can charge to your heart's content, and experience no problems (or at least until the battery finally gives up the ghost...could be a few years for that to happen).
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    I never have had a problem with the car charger that came with my Treo 300. I think the problem was with a certain batch of chargers that were let out into the market.
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    My car charger stopped charging a month or so ago. Went into a SprintPCS store and traded it for another that (so far) works fine.
    I activated in October and have not received one in the mail.
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    I purchased my Treo in November and have not recieved a replacement charger. The included charger seems to be working perfectly.
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    Sprint sent me a new car charger soon after I bought my Treo 300. With the new charger, I kept receiving low battery/timer error messages. So, I went back to the ol charger and have had no problems ever since (2 months).

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