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    Everything appears to go as it's supposed to, but my Treo 300 no longer seems to be getting updated. For instance, I can make changes to either my Address Book or iCal entries on my Mac, run iSync - by telling the Treo 300 to sync. iSync runs, along with all the other conduits, iSync acts as if it's updating info on .Mac and my Mac and the Treo, but when it's all done, nothing's been changed on my Treo.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to get it to start working properly again?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I had the exact same problem along with several others. I decided to reinstall and start over b/c of the problems and the fact that my powerbook had a previous owner. I've been syncing for about week now with no problems. dunno if it will last though. good luck.
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    Could you please be more specific on what you reinstalled?

    iCalc, iSync, Address Book, Palm Desktop?

    Did you do anything with information on either the Treo or the Mac? Or did you just reinstall (something) and then resync and it started working again?

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    I reinstalled everything including the OS (10.2.1) since i had other problems unrelated to Isync and Palm stuff.
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    But you just reinstalled stuff on your Mac, right? Or did you wipe your Treo out and start over on it too?

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    Just the Mac.....
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    I wanted to put in my conclusion, in case anyone else was suffering my predicament.

    I simply went to the iSync application, selected "Reset All Devices?"

    Then told it to replace all the contacts and calendars on ? with contacts and calendars from:

    My Computer (in the popup menu).

    The next time I synced I had matching items (my Treo now had up-to-date info in it.)

    Hope this helps anyone else who might have run into my dilemna?

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