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    Hi All

    Thanks to your threads I was able to locate launcher III through the free plam apps website. I have it up and running. So far I've customized it to what I needed to do except one thing.

    Once I've choosen an app lets say a game to play, inorder to get back to the launcher I have to hit "option and menu" key on the T90.

    Is there any way to make so that I can use lanucher without haveing to use the two keys? or can I set it up so that I only use one key?

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    I don't have a Treo 90, but on my Treo 180 (and on my old Palm), I would pull up the Launcher III menu and go to Options\Preferences and check the box that says 'Always use LauncherIII'.
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    Go into preferences and there is a selection for "buttons" - remap one of your four hardware buttons to LauncherIII, this should do the trick. The only problem is this button will not cycle through your tabs like the Option-Home button will....
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    Thank you both!!!

    It's working!!!!!

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