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    anyone know how to get the pcs business connection for the Palm. I am a subscriber to PCS BC and now I need the palm application.... Even the 3G experts at Customer Service didnt know what I was talking about...
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    Last fall I downloaded the Palm client for PCS Business Connection from the Spring website. I don't recall the specific address, but, as I recall, it was a pretty straight-forward part of the sign-up process for the service.

    As to the so-called experts, I have found the customer service at Sprint PCS to be appallingly poor. After minutes of navigating past Clair and long wait times, I often get shuffled from technician to technician in search of anyone who knows anything about SprintPCS service on the Treo 300.
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    There's a button for downloading the PC client, that now that I think about it, includes the Palm client as part of the setup process. -- Rick

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