Hey everyone, I just received a reply from ThinkOutside, the people who make, what many believe, are the best external keyboards for PDAs. They replied with the following. So please call this guy Dave Guiang (on your Treo) at Handspring and let him know that we want an External Keyboard for the Treo! Thanks. Here's the reply from ThinkOutside:

Hello Mark:
Thanks for your interest. We too would like to support Treo, but it is really up to Handspring to commit to wanting a version to sell with the Treo. I would send an email to Handspring as they are the ones that would buy the keyboards from us to sell to the retailers. The contact person to email at Handspring is Dave Guiang. Phone number at Handspring is( 650) 230-5403.

So drop him a line folks. And also go to the Handspring product feedback page (below) and email them a request. Its easy!

Handspring product feedback page