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    Moved up from a Treo 90 to a Treo 300 at XMAS, and one thing is bothering me. On the 90, if you pressed a letter on the keyboard while looking at the applications, it would highlight the app with that key. For instance, if you hit "p", it would scroll the screen to the "p's" and the first app would be highlighted, perhaps "photos". Then you could just hit the return key, or press the rocker switches to highlight the app you want and hit return.

    On the 300, pressing the keyboard does move you to the apps with that letter, but unlike the 90, it does not highlight them, which then requires the stylus (or fingernail) to tap the right app.

    I've searched this forum and checked my Treo 300 preferences, and I can't get the 300 to behave like my old 90. What am I overlooking?


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    I don't think you're overlooking anything. That feature is only available in Plam OS 4.x Treo's (i.e., only the 90). All other Treo's have Palm OS 3.5.
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    Thanks. I never checked the version of the OS.


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