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    Is AIM IM via "Verichat" less likely to crash system then 'AIM for Palm' itself..???

    If I leave AIM on for a few hours it seems I usually have to do a 'hard reset'.....

    What are any other advantages to Verichat, if all I need it for is AIM?

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    very stable ... no crashes ... and other advantage are messages come in via sms when application is closed
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    VeriChat is the VeryBest!!!
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    Originally posted by nasdq1
    Is AIM IM via "Verichat" less likely to crash system then 'AIM for Palm' itself..???
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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    Is Verichat free?
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    no it is not free but it is a very stable program that works well with aim and yahoo

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    Originally posted by Altiman2k

    Is Verichat free?
    Unfortunately - or fortunately whichever way you look at it - no.

    Unfortunate cause its not free

    fortunate cause it is well worth the $ you pay in the longrun and in my mind, you usually get better service and error correction on paid software than freeware.

    I used Verichat for a shile before I purchased a code to be sure I was completely happy with it. Any errors that I did encounter were typically fixed quickly with the next release, and usually with little or no nagging! Most were as far as I could tell the generic new product-new software quirks that are bound to happen with any development, and the fact that AIM still has not been able to make a treo300-stable version that i have seen.
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    I purchased a copy on MSN Messenger Force from Ruksun, and that hasn't helped me much. Although Ruksun still has the product on their wesite, they haven't updated the product in nearly two years, and they really don't support it anymore either. That being said, I still think that Verichat rocks, and is worth every dime.
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    Certainly VeriChat rocks; I enjoy using it, and PDAapps provide good support.
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    Looks pretty cool, nice interface. Have you guys seen:


    Free, works really well, also uses SMS. I use multi-mail for responses but you could probably use any mail program. Best thing...nothing to install on the phone and it sends messages to my email account too so I have a record.

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