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    Does anyone have a problem with their flip lid being loose and shakey? If so, how do you fix it? Another thing... Is there like some touch up paint or something i could use for the silver paint being chipped off because of simple everyday, all-day use.
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    my lid was tight at first, but now when open it is a little loose, and when a call comes in it will rattle. I would also lke a fix.
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    Well, it's not elegant, but what I did for the shaky lid is put some vveerryy thin tape - about 3 little strips, on top of each other, to bulk it up - on the place right above where the Treo and Handpsring logos are - where the lid hits the top. My goal was to give some add'l fatness up there so that the lid would have something else to push against, to take up the slack. I've had to put new tape up there about 2 or 3 times, due to fuzz buildup or whatever. Seems to work OK. Not that great, but it does alright.

    Paint - good luck. I have many many places where the paint has/is coming off. I <try> not to stress about it. Hard to do for us gadget heads.

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