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    Regularly $52. I bought 5 pairs of black Mobiles to cover my work week. Think I'll put my Treo in one of the leg zipper pockets. That way it won't slip out getting out of vehicles. At $14.73, they are a steal! See Treocentral review here.
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    Thanks for the tip!
    I haven't been in a J.C. in years, but I stopped by last night and picked some up. Perfect for tradeshow duty where we have to wear Tan Dockers or Black Dockers.

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    They have been reduced further. They are now marked 19.99 and are $10 after the current 50% lowest ticketed clearance price.
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    on the web or in stores?
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    Apparently it is the stores only and the clearance sale ends Thursday. The web sites lists them at $45 (or $35 each if you buy 2 pairs)

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