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    Yikes. I missed the Amazon rebate postmark deadline for the Treo 300 I bought in November.

    I can't believe this (though I have had my mind on my son's birthday party and baptism.)

    Should I try and send it it anyway? Any advice?

    Regretfully yours,
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    The rebate is handled by a 3rd party company, they will not help you.

    You could try sending an email to Amazon customer service, they are usually helpful and seem to want people to get their rebates.
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    Is it possible to download the new rebate form since they still offer the rebate?
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    the new forms require a different "purchase date." Since they're still offering the rebate, however, perhaps they'll be lenient.

    I'll try calling.
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    I feel badly for you. It is highly unlikely that the rebate will be honored. I believe companies offer rebates with the hope that consumers will forget, thus saving them money.

    I bought my Treo 300 recently and was faced with the rebate issue. I managed a great workaround. I called a local (about 25 miles away) and asked if they'd pricematch. I took in the Amazon ad and got it for $299 with absolutely no hassles.

    Good luck.
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    Here is what I would do.

    Make a photocopy of the completed rebate form along with the UPC and receipt. On the rebate form is a 800 # to call if the rebate doesn't come. Look at the form and see how long they say it takes to process. Then call the rebate center on the longest time + 1 week after your purchase date. Tell them that you sent in your rebate form xx weeks ago and haven't received your check. Tell them that you have a copy of what you mailed. They will most likely ask you to fax it to them and then they will reprocess.

    To some, this might sound like cheating, but you did indeed make the required purchase. You are entitled to the rebate.

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    Originally posted by markf57
    To some, this might sound like cheating, but you did indeed make the required purchase. You are entitled to the rebate.
    It depends on what your definition of cheating is. If your definition of cheating is breaking the rules to accrue gains to yourself, it is indeed cheating, no way around it.
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    my form states that the rebate request must be postmarked 3/7/03.
    this is for phones purchased and activated between 11/19/02-1/6/03
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    I missed the Sprint $50 rebate...I bought my phone in December and didn't send it in since I was busy registering my phone with Warrantec for my extended warranty (thru MicroCenter) and wanted to keep the original invoice just in case. I called Sprint to see if they would credit me the $50...nothing doing

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