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    I'm a new Treo 300 user and can't figure out how to retrieve my AOL email. Is there an easy solution?

    When I attempt to sign onto AOL Anywhere, I get a message that "Blazer cannot display requested page".

    Also, is it just me, or is the speaker phone option not loud enough to really hear from any distance?

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    easy solution - just throw money at it!

    you need either aol for palm software, which you buy from aol, or pocketflash (or other aol email program). i use pocketflash but i bought it before AOL came out with their newer palm version.

    you can see pocketflash at here

    i still like pocketflash because it is very streamlined and effective. i have not used the aol for palm software but i would assume it does more stuff, not just email.

    for aol, sign on aol and use keyword aol anywhere
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    Thanks, Aarons!

    I'll check it out and decide which one to try.
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    Just go to on your Treo 300 and you can sign in and check your mail.
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    Thanx for the post rr4him. I really didn't want to put out money for AOL palm which should still be free. All this time I have been hoping there was a way and you posted the link. I think you have saved treo users money. I know 2 other people that have treos and this info will greatly be aprreciated by them.
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    You are welcome! I don't use it much but at least I have the address bookmarked in case I want to!
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    I am very surprised it is not free any longer. I had AOL loaded on on my Palm i705. When I bought my Treo I went back to the AOL site to load the version for the Treo and didn't find it like I thought. I downladed the trial Pocket Flash to try, didn't like it, especially when it costs $5 more than the AOL. The new AOL is different than what I had on my i705, much nicer. If you find the mobile site lets you down the AOL download is nice, very much like AOL on your pc. You can't unsend or status, that is about all that is negative. You can delete without having to open the email, unlike the version I had for my i705. You can use the AIM from the AOL version, you can't with pocketflash. AOLMobile didn't allow me access too often.
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    Try Their WAP page lets you see some of your email... but not the whole enchilada.
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    I have recently purchased a treo 300 with sprint pcs vision.
    I was told that I could monitor my AOL email with the wireless web access with this phone. I have no problem accessing the page from my treo , however , I can not access my AOL email. Does anyone know a solution for this ?
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    I purchased the aol for palm software and downloaded it and still can not see my aol mail.
    I went on the site but this only allows you to send to aol memebers. How do you monitor the AOL mail and be able to send to any email address ???
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    You obviously haven't properly configured AOL 3.0 for palm because it works great! It almost mirrors how your desktop version works. Best of all you don't need to dial an AOL dial up number to connect. By setting your connection in the AOL app to "another ISP" you will be using your Sprint ISP to get your AOL connection.
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    The problem with AOL for Palm is no attachments can be seen...anyone have a solution for this?
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    Not a criticism, but an honest question: Why do you use AOL? AOL costs twice as much as 90% of ISPs out there, and their email is a headache to use outside their network. Their browser inundates you with ads, they have no broadband...
    Is the service that great for you? Just curious.
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    Actually they do have broadband AOL DSL and AOL Cable, yeah some emails have issues opening in AOL but it is so user friendly many overlook that and get a hotmail account. When you have a family using AOL that ranges from age 57 down to the age of 4. AOL is very simple and you can look at at this way you can also basically have MSN just get a hotmail account and download MSN messenger.

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