I'm trying to emulate a 2-way pager on the Treo 300.

Thanks to some advice here last week on the forum, I'm now successfully exchanging 2-way text messages via "vanilla" SMS with my colleagues who also own Treo 300s. By leaving the @messaging.sprintpcs.com off the SMS address, the caller id is displayed on the receiving end and we are able to directly reply via Treo300SMS.

There are two other types of text message exchange that we're trying to enable. We'd like to be able to exchange 2-way text messages with our secretary who does not have a Treo. Using Outlook 2000, she can send a message to me or the other Treo users at phonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com. However, as reported here on the forum, Sprint strips off the caller id, and we can't respond directly to messages sent thru the email-to-SMS gateway.

The other type of text message that we would like to exchange is between Treo 300 users and what one might call "legacy" pagers, such as the Motorola Skytel. The Skytels have their own Internet email address and can send and receive text messages in a similar fashion to SMS. However, when a Skytel user sends a message to phonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com, once again, the caller id is stripped by Sprint and the Treo 300 users can't respond directly.

Upon searching the web, I found a product/service offered by RedCoal (www.redcoal.com) that would apparently solve the problem. They offer "2-way" SMS as well as an Outlook plug-in....but so far I haven't been able to get it to work.

As always, any and all advice is very much appreciated!