I just installed Jot2 on my treo 270 and played with it a bit. My feeling is that I don't care for it enough to keep it, although I prefer it over Graffiti. To me the best handwriting software programs are those that can interpret your handwriting (not printed characters). Handwriting is the only way I could be more efficient that using the keyboard on the treo. Too bad PalmSource doesn't have true handwriting recognition, but only printed characters and grafitti. There are a few available for Pocket PC and I miss that (but still much prefer the treo). I'm only interested in an alternative to the keyboard so that I can take notes while in a meeting and not disturb people with the light noise I make when using the treo keyboard. I use a nice freeware program called DiddleBug on the treo, which saves the images of your writings, but of course it doesn't translate.