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    My 270 has had enough software/hardware problems that a replacement (first one! a right of passage apparently, from the postings here!) is being sent to me.

    Question: how do I prevent software that I've loaded onto my previous 270 from automatically synching onto the replacement (i.e. which folder(s) do I go into to remove these programs so they DON'T synch onto my new 270: "Add-Ons"? "Backup"?)

    Also, I upgraded my previous 270 with the (official) GPRS update - will this also be automatically synched into my new 270? What files should I delete to stop this from happening?

    Finally, I've read about the issue where if you upgrade to GPRS, you may have difficulty connecting to the Internet via dial-up. Will I still be able to connect via dial-up or will I need to use GPRS? Any configurations necessary here?

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    If you want to completely remove all 3rd party apps from syncing to your new 270, go into your C drive most likely, in program files, find handspring program files, find your hotsync name folder, locate the back up folder and drag it out to the desktop.
    When you hot sync your new 270 it will create a new back up folder.

    My understanding is all new orders and replacement treos sent out already have the gprs upgrade implemented in them so you shouldn't have a problem. To check and see if it's already there, at the speed dial screen drop the menu down, options, Phone info, under product rev, it should say GPRS 1.1.1 or something to that effect. Or under the options menu if you see "Call Barring" it's been upgraded as well.

    As far as connected to the internet goes post GPRS upgrade you should still be able to connect via a CSD connection. Not sure who your carrier is, if T-Mo I'll let someone else answer that question as I'm w/Cingular...

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