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    When I installed the Treo 90 software I selected to configure email as well. While sync'ing shortly after the install, all 600 messages from my desktop mail client's Inbox got into my Treo. Could someone suggest what file has to be deleted in order to wipe out the Inbox in the Treo's (i.e. Palm) Email client? Currently, I have to navigate amongst each record by selecting it, deleting and confirming deletion. Please indicate the name of the file in the Treo that is visible from the Apps manager.


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    You'll need Filez, freeware from It's very handy app if you don't have it. I believe the file you want to delete is MailDB. The Mail app with create a new empty MailDB when you open it.
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    Try e*mail:

    e*Mail: a replacement for the built-in Mail application of Palm OS devices

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