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    I was reading about the WAPman Microbrowser, a program to access WAP services on the Treo (news, information, etc.). Did anyone try it? Is it worth it?
    Thanks, m00se
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    Hi m00se,

    I tried to run Wapman but never got it working. Never connected to any site, while Blazer did smoothly. Never figured out why, so I am still going with Blazer to access WAP sites.

    Somehow, Wapman seems like a little bit old fashioned, so I never felt sorry.

    Bye, marcus
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    I made it half working. Somehow it has problems with certain pages. I think it has something to do with my carrier.

    Overall, I don't think one should spend time on WAP. It seems to be dying. The company which makes WAPman seems to be out of business for a while now. I wasted lots of time on WAP but couldn't find any meaningful support on the internet. I paid for another WAP browser 2 months ago but still haven't got a license from the developer. It just seems nobody cares about WAP.

    Blazer can get WAP pages. The only issue is that sites can detect that Blazer isn't a true WAP browser so they don't send true WAP pages. If you have unlimited data plan, it's not a problem.
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    Unlike Blazer, WAPman gives you a chance to connect directly to WAP gateway of your GSM operator. This is a must if you use services that require your phone number to be sent as an ID. In my case this is WAP-banking.
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    Wapman doesn't exist anymore, and the site ( is for sale...

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