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    Originally posted by rgesler
    I've created a couple more professional, and more "classic" sounding ringers with Anvil Studio over the last couple of days, but they all turn out so quiet once I get them on the treo. As soon as I figure out what I'm doing and get them to a reasonable level I'll make them available. Has anyone else experienced this?
    check in anvil for the volume. you can increase the volume of individual tracks as well as the overall volume.
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    What I'd like is the same as you guys, professional sounding normal rings. But I'd also like some or all which start out pretty mild, or at low volume, and then increase in loudness over the next few rings.
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    Wow, it's almost as if those of us that want non-musical ring tones are heretics. I know, that wasn't the intent and it isn't my intent to start a flame war. But, how many of us have heard someone's cell phone in the office next to us ring unattended over and over, playing some stupid song. Even if it is a good quality rendition of a song we like using polyphonic tones on a Treo300, it's still annoying after 2nd time through. I want normal phone rings both for my sake and for the sake of those that must hear it around me.

    Additionally, I'm looking for a few other non-ringer, non-musical tones (i.e. sounds or the equivalent of a .WAV file). For example, my wife's phone can be made to bock like a chicken when someone calls her. She and I have had a lot more fun with that one (I called her once while she was in a meeting - it made for a good laugh all around). Amazingly, she has kept it on that ringer, but I think she remembers to turn it off in meetings now. :-) Such ringers are much more interesting to me than music. Equally annoying, yes, but more interesting at least, and they provide lots more variety in the ringers. A musical ringer, even a polyphonic ringer, is still tones. For variety, I'm looking for a ringer that screams "Answer the phone!!!" as well as anything else I can get that isn't just music or tones.
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    i don't think you will get the treo to scream 'answer the phone' anytime soon. however i think those things are on the horizon as more phones come equipped to play mp3's.

    on the other hand, i tried to look around the web for some midi files that would lend themselves to making some 'normal' ringtones as described on this thread, but had no success, so i'm just sticking with my song creations for now.

    i'm sure someone will come up with something
    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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    I too sought 'normal' ringtones when I first purchased my treo 300. Here is the solution that I came up with...I do not have TCRinger, so I am not sure if this will be possible.

    Using Ringo, and the compose option, I would picked two keys on the keyboard and a fast note, and alternated between the keys, so when you played the file, you would get a 'ringing' could create whatever you wanted...even starting out on lower pitched notes and going to higher picthed notes.

    I'm not sure if TCRinger has this 'compose' option, but if normal ringtones are what you are seeking...this should give you some options...and requires no other software other than Ringo...and the results are loud...

    The only problem is that Ringo only uses a piano tone, so if you don't pick a note high enough, it doesn't quite sound right. Does anyone know how to choose a different 'instrument'?
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    Ok, I quickly downloaded TCRinger and found that there is no edit option. I know you can edit files and download them to your treo, but that seems kind of unecessary when other managers have editors built in.

    I also tried MonkeyTone. I like it better than Ringo. I composed a quick 'normal' ringtone with this, and it sounded normal...not the 'piano' sound of, you can select different styles (continuous, stacatto, normal)...the stacatto style works for very crisp tones.

    Try the demo and create some ringtones to see what you think. They sound professional, which is what I am looking for. Songs are cool, but I don't want some cheesy song to ring me while I am in the office.

    The only other question is, since the Treo 300 is polyphonic, how can we choose different instruments in an editor?
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    Originally posted by MikeRadio
    Is there any way to convert a wav or mp3 into a midi file to make into ringtones?

    there are software packages out there that you can buy that will do the job... supposedly. I think one such package is called Digital Ear. I have not seen many that are great at it - I didn't have mych luck with digital ear's trial myself - but I'm sure with some hunting you can find others.
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    i tried one of those programs. the results were awful. so far off that i felt that even if i found a program that was 100% better it would still not serve the purpose.

    and i was working on something relatively simple - the 'red phone' ring from the 60's movie 'our man flint' which has been requested as a ringtone (though nobody wants it more than i do myself...)

    but if anything should have lent itself to a simple change, that would have been it, since its basically a series of beeps.
    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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    A guy in our office had a ringer that sounds like a cat meoying. He left his phone on the desk and someone kept calling and calling. Let's just say he's lucky people didn't throw him out the window (and our windows don't open).

    Songs etc. are very annoying to everyone but the phone owner.
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    funny, i think phones ringing in general are very annoying. i hardly ever get any calls on my treo and am just as happy about it. send me email! i am not at the world's beck and call.
    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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