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    I've been using SMTP.SPRINTPCS.COM to send my emails for a month or so now. In the past few days I've been getting timeouts while trying to send thru Sprints SMTP server. I double checked to see if I can atleast ping the name and was able to get a reply from the server. So I know its not down. Does anyone have a clue as to why my emails arent sending thru SMTP anymore? Thanks!
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    There are several threads on this subject. Spoke with Sprint this afternoon, and they say that they have gotten several of the servers up, but not all, including the one that covers the South Jersey region. I was also informed that a new problem that I am having, no SMS notification for incoming e- mail, is part of the same problem.

    Fortunately it is a long weekend, hopefully they will get it fixed by Tuesday.
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    Like many others, I've been having this problem for the last week or so. I'm getting tired of checking, so I called Sprint today about it.

    Person #1 was totally clueless. She first asked me to remove the battery from my phone...

    Person #2 was fairly clueless. She thought that I had misconfigured my phone somehow. (I reassured her that I've been sending email for several weeks without a problem.) When I started talking about POP, SMTP, and mail relaying, she quickly passed me along to the next person.

    Person #3 (I think this was Tier 2 Vision support, for experienced tech ticketers) was totally in-the-know. I got through about 5 words of explanation about my problem, and he immediately knew it was the SMTP problem. He apologized for the problem, but had no advice, other than to "keep checking to see if it works."

    It's strange that Sprint, unlike many, many other providers, has no area on its website for network status, and no notification system to notify users when problems are resolved.

    Has anyone who was experiencing the problem been able to send mail yet?

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