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    Is anybody else having this problem? I searched the board and couldn't find anybody else with this problem.

    I have about 20 pictures installed using Splash Photo.

    When I go to Ringo to try to assign pictures, Ringo will display 3 identical copies of each of my pictures (small, medium, large). Now my problem is this....when I try to find a picture to assign to a name, the picture won't appear in Ringo's photo choosing interface!

    My second problem is, I noticed that names that used to be assigned to a certain picture became UNassigned. When looking to reassign the picture to the caller again, the picture is no longer available in Ringo's photo choosing interface, but when I check Splash Photo, the picture is available.

    I'm using Ringo 3.1g and Splash Photo 3.54, BTW.

    And one more side note....I used TreoPictureID briefly during my trial period before I switched to Ringo, and I must say...I really like how TreoPictureID uses SplashPhoto's simplistic interface (so much better than Ringo's!). Too bad it didn't have ringtone support, or I would have stayed!!

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
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    ringo is very buggy unfortunately. keep an eye out for TCRinger from treocentral. a bunch of us have been testing it and its almost ready for release. i currently use the beta of TCRinger for ringtones and treopictureid for the pictures and it works great
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    Thanks Aaron...that was actually my other question - I wanted to know if anybody had tested out TC Ringer with TreoPictureID.


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