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    Hello again:

    I started a thread on this board:

    ..that asked for utility hacks that could help simulate the silkscreen on a Treo 90. The problem is that all hacks require "stylus swipes" that start from the silkscreen.

    I have installed RecoEcho from:

    ..and it's an excellent product. It puts up tiny triangle at the top of the screen and is still visible if an applications menu is visible.

    What I thought would be cool is for a hack that presents a tiny image like that triangle in RechoEcho that when double clicked either:

    1. launches an application


    2. opens a tiny menu/dialog box that I could select an application to launch.

    A few questions:

    1. Does such a hack exist? It seems a must for Treo 90 users who at minimum want to get to any of the traditional silkscreen buttons WITHOUT having to use the keyboard.

    2. If not, are there any popular "hack development guides" you can point me to their URL so I can review, write a detailed spec, and write it myself or present as an "opportunity" for someone to develop.

    Thanks to all.

    embed in the midd
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    What might help is LazyLauncher,. It's a freeware hack that creates a popup list of your apps and prefs when you hold down an assigned hardware button. Type the first letter of your app. If it's the only one that starts with that letter, it launches. If there are more that start with that letter, you can scroll down a few entries and press return or the app key again to launch. If you use desk accessories, you can access a DA list from another assigned button. It launches apps very quickly since the screen doesn't have to render all the icons.

    It's at

    It's my favorite hack on the Treo.

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