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    Hi all, I tried out a number of cases that are either not comfortable to wear or didn't hold my treo 300 securely. I went to a local leather shop and had one made, that combined the best features of all of the cases, that I liked. It is horizontal, with a very scure non removable clip, so it very closelyhungs my body, I had a small loop with metal "D" ring affixed to the rear, wear I attached a small chain with a spring loaded clip, which acts as a "safteybelt" to prevent the case and treo from being knocked off my belt. The case is lined, with nice soft padding, I had the case made with rivets so it is more secure. I also had the flap made with a snap as it is far more secure than a magnet and stays much cleaner than velcro.

    I am right handed , so the case is made to be on the left side of my belt. Due to a disability, my left hand is not very good at removing any phone from a case, so this was the best way to go, for me.

    The case was made so that the idiotl ite and the antenna will stick out, but I am think of going with the shory antenna anyway.

    The chain that I mentioned above, is short enouh to be totally hidden behind the case. They also made a small pocket for headset and my car key.

    The thing only cost $36 and was made to my specs. So you all might want to consider doing the same thing! take care, Jay
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    How about posting some pictures?
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    a ok, will try to get to it in th enext few days! take care all, jay

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