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    I have no problem with HS discontinuing the Treo and all organizers. If they want to focus on a different target consumer, so be it. I don't need a communicator, I need a PDA...if they don't make them, Palm or some other company will.

    I'm kind of used to buying electronic items that become obsolete through technological progress or that are simply discontinued. This time, it just happened sooner after my purchase than usual.

    I bought my Treo for $199 only a week and a half ago. I considered taking it back to exchange it for a Palm but didn't. If the return policy I bought at Staples works as explained, when the Treo konks out, I get credit toward anything else in the store. So, then I'll buy a different PDA. As long as I go with PalmOS, my backup data should be safe and accessible.

    At $199, it seems like HS could sell a squillion Treos in no time. Guess they're not making money at that price...
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    Well, I have been waiting for the prices on the Treo 90 to go lower. Had this has had just that impact. Staples has it online for $199. As long as you don't mind that it is discontinued, it is a good price.
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    First I was surprised that HS took the 90 off the shelves so soon. But I lost mine like a month ago and was considering buying another one and the upcoming price drops could help out a struggling college student like me. Combine that with the San Disk announcement of the storage wi-fi combination and I believe with my cell phone I have the perfect tool to enter the business market place with. So keep me updated on retail chains that drop the Treo 90 under 100 bucks!!!!
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    Well I finally decided to get a Treo 90 to replace my Clie320.
    I was aware that Staples has it on sale for 199 but here in NYC, it was sold out everywhere.
    So I checked with a manager and got the floor model.
    Not one scratch ! Perfect condition but they couldn't find the box.... well to cut short, I bought a hotsync/charger cable (14.99) and the Treo 90 for .... 99 bucks !!!!!!!
    So check around because discontinued model = big savings .

    It's a very nice handheld. So small !
    I never liked Graffiti ( use Fitaly instead) so the keyboard is great.

    I was wondering what launcher is best for the keyboard.

    I noticed the bright right corner, some "plastic" sounds coming from some keys (numbers more) and few other things (I can't remember right now) but for $99 ... I couldn't really go wrong.
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    I really like LazyLauncher.

    It's freeware. I've got it set so I hold down my memo button and it fires a popup list of my apps. Type a letter and it takes you to the apps that start with that letter. Scroll up and down the list with scdroll keys. Press return or memo again to launch. Also lists your prefs screens. You can configure another button to bring up a list of desk accessories.

    Two advantages: You can launch one handed. No icons come up so you don't have to wait for screens to load. It's fast and intuitive.
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    Just want to say that Handspring officially has NOT discontinued the Treo 90 yet. It might soon, but technicly it still is a current product according to them.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    To be most correct - Handspring is not building any more TREO 90s or TREO 180s and is selling out their inventory - when that's gone that's it.

    There was no ambiguity about what the CEO said during the earnings conference about the TREO 90. A pretty close quote of both the question and answer are "When will you be out of the organizer business?" and "This quarter should be it - there may be some straggling sales afterward but this is it".

    Live with it.

    (what some customer service rep on a phone call says somehow doesn't seem to be as important as what the CEO says, no? The earnings conference may still be available at:


    listen to it - about 4 and a half minutes in and about 38 minutes in - fast forward and hear for yourself)
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    Thank you very much Kevin.
    I am going to try it right away.

    Stoping the production or discontinuing the model, doesn't make too much difference to me.... beside the fact it helped me to get it for very cheap.

    Is this forum going to be discontinued too?
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    Whether or not it's discontinued, it's still pretty much state of the art for OS4 (and OS4 is still in development.) So it's a current machine at a great price.

    Incidentally, I've found that most of the KB helper hacks slow down the system and your typing. Some suggested hacks are ClockPop, Correcthack (AutoShortcuts), BlockCase hack (caps highlighted text when you tap the shift key). All are freeware, but correcthack. Shortcutz is an app that puts icons from your SD into the launchers and into the LazyLauncher list. Shareware. All should be at palmgear.

    Note: App are slow to launch from SD, so it's best tp put smaller apps that you don't need fast access to on the SD.
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    I totally agree with you regarding the discontinued "issue". I own a Sony Clie 320 and a Toshiba e310 and both are discontinued now so I am used to that situation :-)

    Thank you very much, Kevin, for all your software recommendations.

    I will check them asap.
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