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    My data connection seem to always turn off during the day.. I need to always 'sign on' to Sprint everytime I check email with Eudora or browse with Blazer. Sometimes I believe it can't even sign back on automatically after finding it is not connected to the Sprint Servers. This is when I need to disconnect manually and then refresh the page. After which it proceeds to sign on.
    Anyone having the same annoying problem and/or can offer solutions?
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    had the same thing happen to me, unfortunately I have no solutions.

    I also have a situation where the data connect symbol is on but it is actually not. i will have to go through 2 reconnects before it actually works.
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    This, unfortunately, is something a bunch of folks have been experiencing and posting about. There are a few threads on this already - one very long one with the interesting title of 'Attempting to connection to PCS Vision crashes Treo300' or something like that. It goes way back. Another more recent one goes along the lines of 'Always on? A lie', which is least more creative, not to mention a little closer to grammatical accuracy. Heh heh.
    Bottom line - you're not alone with this problem, nor in being frustrated.
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    For those who are interested, Chatter keeps the connection active at all times (i.e. fixes broken connections).
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    Originally posted by mblank
    For those who are interested, Chatter keeps the connection active at all times (i.e. fixes broken connections).
    that's great for you, but when are the rest of us going to be able to use this fine software?! there's been a lot of foreplay... let's get to "the act" (i can't keep my.. er... "excitement" up forever)!!!
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    Damnit, you're right! I have fallen behind schedule on this, and it's not for lack of trying.... Two other users are testing the software now, and I'm hoping to get another half-dozen up and running by early next week. If they survive the ordeal, then I'll open it up to beta testing. I believe that it will be worth the wait, however....
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    mblank, you claim that Chatter will keep the data connection active. Well, how would that be any different from any other app that uses/needs a constant data connection? And, more importantly, how would Chatter specifically be able to keep the data connected to the Treo, from the Sprint tower? When I'm in my house, my data can drop in the space of 5 seconds. I can fire up the Treo, connect to the voice side, then connect to the data side (signing on, established, connected, etc), and then launch an app that uses data, like Verichat or something, and I have to reconnect. This doesn't happen EVERY time, just usually, and mostly here at my house. Other places don't have this same issue.
    So - I really <doubt> that Chatter would have any impact on the connection capability of my device, based on my location. Heck, if it does, many many folks will beat a path to your door to solve their on-again/off-again and again data problems. Including me.
    I'm curious - let me know.
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    Chatter detects broken connections (both in foreground and background, awake or "asleep") and attempts to reconnect automatically. Yes, this takes the typical 5-10 seconds, but it happens without user intervention, and (more often than not) in the background.

    Obviously it can't help keep a connection active when there's no reception, so it may not help that much in your case. But it will certainly help in the many cases in which the connection is broken due to timeout or other reception unrelated causes. For me, it helps a bit at home (similar situation to you) and a lot when I'm "in town".
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    Thanks for the input about this issue. Having an always on connection would be great. On the other hand, are we 'having cake and eating it too?' Although the Treo is a grounbreaking product, we still expect it (and the whole Sprint infrastructure) to be able give us instant everything. I guess for now I'll have to be content having the web and my e-mail in my pocket even with the extra seconds of signing on. I still remember 2400 baud connections on my ibm pc clone. Anyone remember baud rate? With the pace of technology now, maybe we can expect to have DSL speed on our Treos next year?
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    hey mblank, thanks for you quick and cordial response. and thanks for taking the time for creating a program that many of us can benefit from! and you're right, it's well worth the wait (i just wanted to get a response from you as to when-thanx for telling me). we can't wait but will be happy too!
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    I've been having problems too of course with "always on". I spoke to a Sprint CSR and he informed me that nowhere is it advertised that Vision offers always on connection. I insisted that that was not true. Then I heard some grunting as he seemed to be pulling something out of his AZZ: "oh... uh you have a pda. The other Vision enabled phones are always connected, but not the pdas. They will get booted off after awhile". I suggested that there needs to be a disclaimer stating so. Does anyone have any proof I can offer Sprint of advertising "always on"? And also a disclaimer that says except for pdas? Much obliged.
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    yeah, why are we all under the impression that this thing is supposed to be "always on"? Mine was always on when I first purchased it (Oct 1 2002) until thanksgiving when the crashes started. Ever since, now it does not crash anymore but the connection "times-out". I can't seem to remember where I read that this would be an always on product. I guess it could have been from a non-Sprint non-Handspring site...

    So, why was it "always on" in October 2002 and now it's not?
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    <begin rant>
    THAT'S been my exact beef since all the funkiness began around Thanksgiving. Until then, the always on was just that - ALWAYS ON. Something Sprint did in their network changed things. It was great until then. Now it's just kinda great. And I probably wouldn't be as p***ed as I am if things hadn't been fine for the first few months, and then changed for the worse. Yes, it's not the end of the world, and life goes on, but still - grrr. It was all good before, and now it's just sorta good. OK, pretty good.
    <end of rant>

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