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    Thank you very much! The conduit was the problem. I did not even have a conduit for Outlook Contacts, just Key Contacts. I installed PocketMirror again and with a little tweaking following your lead - it now works!

    Now I have a little tiny problem: Hot Sync does not start-up when I turn the computer on. I have to manually start it and then it works fine. I have set Hot Sync preferences to start-up when the computer is turned on, but it still does not. Anybody have any ideas how to get Hot Sync to start-up when I turn my computer on?

    FYI - have you downloaded the update for Key Contacts v.1.2.1? It integrates the Jog Dialer functions very well. It allows you to use the Jog Dialer to dial numbers.

    Again - Sanjay. Thank you very, verY, veRY, vERY, VERY MUCH!
    I have been trying to get Agendus and Key Contacts to work together for months. With your help, it now does.

    Thank you,
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    I'm just not sure about this upgrade. I use Sprintpcs. When I tried to use Agendus SMS or email, sometimes it worked, sometimes it crashed. My query to Iambic was answered:

    "Sprint uses a propietary format with their sms messages that is not support
    by agendus.

    Agendus mail only supports the genneral sms format used by gsm networks.
    At&t verizon.. etc."

    To which I responded:

    "Well, it seems I can send and receive email through Sprintpcs after all, although I may have to watch out for crashes. About attachments: if I receive a Word document (*.doc) I can see the attachment is there but can't view it. I have Wordsmith on my Treo. Is there any way to detach the document on my Treo so I can view it in Wordsmith?"

    I still haven't figured out their response.


    1. Does Agendus Pro work with Sprintpcs messaging?
    2. Does it work with Sprintpcs email?
    3. How do I launch Word attachements?

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    Originally posted by Fender Doc
    I have been using Agendus Palm for about a year and Agendus Desktop since it was released in the Fall 2002. Agendus 6 seemed to fix a great deal of problems that have bugged me (ie: Midnight carry over).

    I use Key Contacts for my addresses. It is more indepth than other Contact managers, even Agendus.

    Does anybody know how to in-port the address book from Key Contacts or Outlook into Agendus? I have Agendus set to sync with Outlook but it is not doing it. I contact Iambic customer service, but they were not much help. I received some canned, help topic answer that was no help.

    I appreciate any help on this matter. Thanks.

    Hmmm ... that is odd. I use Agendus 6 and mine syncs just fine with my Outlook. Do you have the native Datebook+ program on your Treo that came with it? You have to leave that on your Treo as Agendus uses that database specifically to pull the data from.
    In addition, what Outlook syncronizing program are you using? If you are using Chapura (which comes standard with Palm) then you need to check your settings. Make sure that your hot sync name is the same name as you have specified in your setup in Chapura (or your sync software).
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    I see your issue is resolved ... glad to hear it!

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    I have been using agendus (actually action names) since before version 4 on every new palm I get (several) and have to admit it is a great product. Has become a little bloated over the years but still indespensable. Something about the agendus and the treo makes me use it less and less, when I configure the treo's prefs - buttons to have the date hard button launch agendus every push of the button cycles through the different views until it reaches the contacts and there it sticks, continued presses on refreshes the screen. However if I configure Agendus to launch via the buttons2 prefs (option +button) then multiple presses will cycle all the veiws except contacts. It seems I can have all contacts or none contacts. How do you guys have it configured? Am I missing something? Thanks
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