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    Anybody know some good freeware programs for keeping track of diet, weight or workouts?
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    Check out this thread - I asked this question a while ago, new programs may have surfaced.
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    I use BodyAdvance. It was built for the Body for Life fitness program but is customizeable to the point that I really have no clue what the Body for Life program is! And its only $12.
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    Since I posted this question, I've found Work It Out and Weights both for free at Work it Out keeps a log, but I can't get it to work quite right yet. I've emailed the developer. Weights only keeps your last high lift, but it runs you through your program. I'm also using Diet & Fitness which cost about 20 bucks. It doesn't have a weight lifting program, but is good for counting calories both for food, basic metabolism and exercise.
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    Weights is shareware.
    I meant MySpotter which is free at
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    I use the healthetech diet/exercise/weight log bundle. I purchased it for about 20-30 bucks a few years ago. They don't sell it anymore- now their product is balancelog. I just downloaded Mytrainer which is freeware- to log my runs and have space for a journal entry about runs. The exerlog is good for counting calories spent from the exercise, but not good for logging miles run, pace, effort, where run, etc..

    I would really like a fitness log that incorporates all that into one- so I could enter my exercise just once, but I haven't found anything that works.

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    Try FitSync at or PDAFitness at
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    I'm from Acrocat Software, so I am a little biased but you can check out PDAFitness at:

    I don't want to waste bandwidth here, and you can get pretty much all of the info you want from our site.

    One thing that you won't find there just yet is our latest news item which is the release of our desktop application. This program runs on your computer and syncs to your PDA, allowing you to:

    - Make changes on the desktop or the PDA and have the changes transferred back and forth
    - Create instant graphs and charts
    - Export data to CSV files or HTML web pages
    - Arcive data to save space on your PDA.

    I can answers questions on this message board, or privately at

    Edward Ross
    Acrocat Software, L.L.C.
    Do you workout? Get Results. Get PDAFitness.

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