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    Hi Folks:

    I've download RecoEcho from: well as Newpen from:

    ..and have been very impressed.

    I'd like to know if any of you have found a hack that can emulate any of the buttons under typical Palm Silkscreens. Essentially, I'm trying to access the HOME button faster by simply executing a keystroke. I prefer not to stop Graffiti writing and move to the keyboard for a two-key combination just to change applications. If I could assign a keystroke to an application and/or the HOME key (preferably), then I'm a happy camper

    I just bought the Treo 90 coming from the Sony Clie PEG-N760C (too heavy; battery drain; overkill, etc) and need one more clincher to stay in the Treo family!

    Ultimately, what would make the killer hack is if there was a combination (i) Newpen with (ii) programmable keystrokes to launch Palm apps (and the HOME button of course).

    Thanks for your input everyone.

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    The these to see if you like them.

    Easylaunch hack
    McPhing hack

    Also the following to add functionality but they aren't stable as yet:

    Okey hack
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    Double Quick Hack is an interesting piece of freeware for the treo. It puts numerous functions including home by doubletapping bs, space, menu, list, or return.

    The docs are all in japanese, but you it's pretty understandable once you install it.
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    Thank you all folks! There's so many possibilities out there! I don't understand what the big hype is for not having the silkscreen if there are so many utilities out there! Small PDA, comes with keyboard, color, etc. Sounds like a win for Treo 90 owners!. Thanks again.

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    This doesn't help with your question about assigning apps and home to graffiti strokes, but I still want to share. I have been using Graffiti anywhere on my NX70V for a little while now, and I love it. It is a freeware app that lets you write true graffiti on the screen. It works by assigning a hardware button to activation, you can either hold the button down or do a short or long press to activate and deactive the on-screen graffiti. While it is activated you can write letters on the left and numbers on the right, while it trails your stylus. I have it activate as I hold a hardware button down, because then if I want to move the cursor or bring up a menu, I just let go of the button and do whatever I need to, then hold the button down again to input more characters. I have tried Jot and Newpen but didnt' like having to play around with punctuation to keep it from seeing the punctuation tap as a screen tap. I use it on my NX to let me stay in fullscreen mode all of the time, but the biggest application in my eyes is to handhelds that lack a graffiti area, IE the treos. I also imagine it would be great on a Tungsten, allowing you to keep the slider up while still entering text.

    If you want to try it out you can get it at palmgear here:
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