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    How do force the Treo to restore the factory settings? I am getting Fatal Errors whenever I try to access the Delete Application menu or whenever I try to access Blazer. I wanted to restore the phone to the factory settings so it will be clean and then I could reinstall the applications one by one. The only the reset button on the back does is reboot it does not restore.
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    Get out your User Guide and look up HARD RESETS.

    For the Treo 300 it is on page 40.
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    Thank you. That is what I was looking for.
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    I have been trying to get my new treo working. A hard reset didn't work last night so the tech had me do something else that was a reset to factory settings. On the phone is was something like a ##7 or something like that and then follow the prompts. So there is a real hard set they can have you do as well. That worked for me.

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