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    My treo has not been sending me my sms messages since last night. Anyone else have this problem ( I have treo300 sms)
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    Check your e-mail box on SprintPCS. If its over capacity, it stops sending SMS's.
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    I get a message that SHort Mail is being retrieved and message. My Short Mail box is not full. Maybe an email to PDA APPs is in order.
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    I did a soft reset and in came the sms! I must have got 20 of them.
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    Actually I already emailed the friendly people at PDAapps and they claim that the problem lies with Sprint's messaging servers. To tell you the truth I think that too. I have been sending SMS messages and the wrong "reply-to" phone number has been going out with them. I in-turn have sent email to Sprint in hopes that something might be done.
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    Soft reset worked for me. I just sent a test message and it came through fine. I did not, however, shake loose the other messages. Oh well. At least it is working now. Thanks!

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