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    I replaced my Visor Deluxe with a Treo 90 just a few days ago. I can get the Palm m130 for the same price as the Treo. So, here's my dilemma: Which PDA should I use? I'm just asking for opinions here, so don't think I'm anti HS or Treo. That being said, here's a few of the things that I don't like about my Treo:

    * Keypad isn't easy to use (maybe it's just too small) and can't be used for navigating within or between screens (as far as I can tell)
    * Synch cradle is not standard issue
    * Bright spot in upper right of screen
    * "A" key is a little soft, causing me to type several "A" chars before I realize it
    * No current or anticipated support for peripheral keyboard of any kind, as far as I can find out

    With the Palm, I could get one of several keyboards, wouldn't have the keypad irritation, and I don't know much about the display quality, but I know it supports more colors. As I understand it, the Palm runs PalmOS4.1 and Treo runs 4.1h...though I can't really find a source that lists the specific differences between the two. I never ran into memory problems with the VDeluxe, so I don't anticipate the smaller memory in the Palm to be a problem.

    Anyway...should I keep the Treo? Should I change to the Palm?

    I'm open to any (reasonably stated) opinions...

    Thanks very much...
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    I have been using my Treo 90 for about 6 Months now and I love it. The keyboard takes a little getting used to, but now I can't imagine buying a handheld without it.

    The bright spot is a shame... But you really don't notice it after a few days. It is not a deal-breaker to me.

    It really should have been a 65,000 color device. Those of us who "Upgraded" from a Prism are disappointed with the quality of the photos displayed on the unit in 4096 colors.

    It would be nice to have a cradle, but it is really more of a luxury. I just keep my cable hooked up to the PC, and I use my charging cradle in the other room to keep it charged.

    Surfing on the little guy via Bluetooth is really a lot of fun, although I have had some compatability issues with Blazer and VNC. For the most part, using the Palm Bluetooth card is effortless.

    I can't think of any advantage that the 130 has that would make me want to switch.
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    Originally posted by jlgoodner
    understand it, the Palm runs PalmOS4.1 and Treo runs 4.1h...though I can't really find a source that lists the specific differences between the two.[/B]
    Treo released a software updater for the Treo90, which adds true SDIO capability to the Treo. This means that one can also add a BlueTooth SD card, as well as other optional peripherals which will soon hit the marketplace. Among them- a combination SD card, acting as both memory (extra storage) **and** WiFi. Because I have a wireless connection at home and office with a broadband connection, that will allow me to connect to the Net with the Treo, without wires. I will also be able to establish such connections at Starbucks and numerous hotels now offering a WiFi connection.

    The SD slot is mandatory even without the SDIO capability, to me. It simply kills any memory concerns, via the easy addition of extra file storage space. I've had my T90 since June. The built-in 16 megs of memory has dwindled to 5, and the 64meg SD card is half-full, via books, dictionaries, and assorted databases I've created-- Rebate Tracker, billable hours, home inventory for insurance purposes, all passwords and serial numbers, etc. In other words, I truly USE the Treo, so the extra space turned out to be a true necessity, as opposed to a luxury.

    The "h" simply refers to Handspring. So far as I can tell, the 4.1 OS is otherwise the same as the "Palm", but with enhancements to accommodate the keyboard.

    As for the keyboard, like the previous poster, I love it. For those who prefer Graffiti (which PalmSource has announced will be replaced with Jot), there are several freeware apps available to give you Graffiti capability, i.e., ReEchoPlus (free for T90 users).

    Bottom-line: for any PDA to be truly useful, you have to be comfortable with it, period. Personally, I've been through several PDAs, including the Handera 330, Casio E125 PocketPC, and the Blackberry. While I still have the Blackberry for email purposes, only the Treo has proven indispensable for enhancing daily productivity. My fondness for the keyboard grew with time, and now I wouldn't be without it. Your needs may differ.
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    I've had my 90 for 6 months and am still overjoyed with it. I'm averaging 34 wpm on the thumboard. All the built in apps have kb navigation and a few hacks give you even more abilities. The 90 screen with it's hotspot and limited colors is actually a plus in many areas: longer battery life, shorter rendering time. The screen was chosen for it's abilities on the web, where colors are limited. I use mine with a psion IR modem and find Blazer to be fast with solid graphics, thanks in part to the screen.
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    I've had mine almost 2 weeks, and like it. It took a while to get used to the keyboard, and to find the chars I need. I'm still trying no hacks (it hasn't crashed in over a week) but the cursor movement options are poor without one of those. Useful but hard to find:
    Tab = option during space
    double click power button for half screen intensity.
    Are these anywhere in the docs? Does anyone know other usful tidbits?
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    Here's a few:

    The basic palm apps are navigable with the cursor buttons.

    In Contacts, keep the category set to All. Then start typing first, last, or first initial/last name. It makes finding incredibly easy. If there's no first or last name, it searches by company name. Also, there's an autocomplete feature that will complete cities and states already in your db as you enter a contact.

    Opt/Return triggers the ok, done, yes, next, or accept button

    Opt/Backspace triggers the no, prev, back, or reject button

    The autocorrect feature is limited, but very useful. Try typing "dont", "i", or "thier" followed by a space. If you don't like something your treo has autocorrected, hit backsapce twice.

    As you can tell, hs thought this out well. Also, many apps are kb friendly. QED and SnapperMail to name two.

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    First, thanks for the responses!

    I'm starting to get used to the teensy keyboard without actually being fond of it. The wireless stuff means little to me now, but maybe in the future...

    I loaded Jot on it and it works flawlessly so far. I love it.

    I hesitate to add the kbutil (or whatever it's called) that enables one to map key combos that would enable tabbing through fields because of the necessity to load a hack program first. I see too many posts about instability after installing the hack program. Anyone have thoughts or experiences with hack/kbutil? A previous post in this thread mentioned "it hasn't crashed in over a week," which doesn't make me want to try it...

    My Visor Deluxe went out several months ago, and I tried to get by without one. After forgetting multiple appointments, etc., I decided it was not a luxury but a necessity.

    I went in and played with a Palm but doing so didn't convince me it would be better than the Treo.

    I do wish I could add on an external keyboard. My son found the external keyboard/Visor combination a killer to do homework on car trips, and my wife loved it to take notes in class/meetings.

    I may take this Treo back because of the soft "A" key, but I guess I'll be keeping it after all.

    Again, thanks very much for all the help!
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    You may get hacks to crash your Treo. I have kbutils and the unti doesn't seem to crash anymore than other hacks. And when it crashes, the unit just does a soft reset. I haven't lost any data because of a crash. I'm running about a dozen hacks. 3rd party apps can crash your treo just as easily.

    However one thing to point about about some of the hacks is that they may slow down your typing. KeyCapsHack is a great hack. You can type all the option stuff without the option key, but the process of holding keys and double pressing, and typing slower so double pressing doesn't work when typing to repeat characters can rally hamper speed, but many would like to have the convenience and live with the slowdowns. It's a matter of preference.

    Incidentally, a recent competition had someone typing 80wpm on a treo thumboard. I type about 34 wpm and only get about 60 wpm out of a Stowaway. As a writer I do most of my freelance on the Treo and I'm getting to the point that I don't miss the keyboard. Some people have used the infrared keyboards with success, so you might try searching those strings here.

    If your Treo is less than two weeks old, take it back now and get a replacement. If you wait, you may have to pay a service fee as well as shipping.


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