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    I'm moving to a Treo 300 from a Windows CE based machine. I am syncing with Outlook. On my other PDA I had a Contacts Data Base that I opened just like I did in Outlook. On the treo the closest thing that I have to that is the phone directory. I have lots of companies that I know the company name but I don't remember the first or last name of the contact with that company.

    Is there any way I can search the phone directory for the company name or for words in the file or notes?

    Please send me an e-mail on this if you will ---
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    You may have already recieved an email on this but for anyone else. The blue button + the Shift key( located to the left of the space bar) activates the find feature which looks for text anywhere in the contact directory( notes section, the fields ...)
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    this is a geat tip. now I can find anything on the treo. thanks so much! i
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    This is exactly what I needed - Thanks

    Ron Vermillion

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