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    HELLO! I'm a new Treo user, so far so good. My problem is that my company does not allow me to download the hotsync software to my computer. I brought the phone to simplify my job. I would like to email my calendar to my counterparts and I can't do it. Can someone please assist. Thanks a million!
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    Yikes! Ok, well you could make a copy or e-mail yourself a copy of your datebook, contacts and whatever other folders you want and do the hotsync at home. Please say you have a home computer.
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    LOL..I do have a home computer...I downloaded the hotsync software to my home computer and I hotsync my appointments to the Palmdesktop...the problem that I am occuring is thatI don't see an option to email and I tried to "print screen" and attach the calendar to a Word Doc. and that didn't work. So I exported the calendar to "My Documents" and emailed it to my corporate account and I couldn't view the attachment. So I figured if I couldn't view the attachment through my mail then my counterparts couldn't either. They just need to be able to see what I have scheduled...PLEASE HELP
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    Ok, here is what I might do. Hilight the folder you want. Then go to the top and click file==>import/export. Export the file. Then e-mail the file you just created to yourself at home. Then, import this file into Outlook. You should end up with a carbon-copy of your calendar (or any other folder) at work. You can then to a hotsync to the Treo. A DOC file won't do it. You have to retain the file extension the individual application is looking for.

    Does this make sense?
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    ok...i don't use MS Outlook at home or work...I do use yahoo and hotmail but I have never use the calendar program in either. Is there a way to sync to those programs and email my counterparts my calendar from there? Do I need to uninstall the software and reinstall it or something..THANK U, U ARE A SWEETHEART for helping me
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    No problem. Happy to help.

    Ok. you keep your appointment calendar on your computer at work, right? If that is the case, what software do you use on this computer if not Outlook?
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    I use the palm desk top software that came with the computer..I'm new to keeping calendars. so I use the palm desktop.
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    At your work . . . browse to your Palm Desktop Folder ('C:\Program Files\Palm' maybe?), and find your data folder in there (probably called Rosslyn or something? and then find a folder called 'DateBook'.

    Copy the datebook folder to a floppy disk and then take it home (or email the datebook.dat file in there to yourself).

    When you get home dump the file in the same folder on your machine at home ('C:\Program Files\Palm\Rosslyn\datebook' ?) and then hotsync . . . . . . . . .

    OR If you have a ZIP disc (100mb or better) then you can re-install the Palm Software to the ZIP disk. Do this at work AND at home (so that the OS knows to refer to the ZIP disk - they might be different drive letters) . . . then you can carry the zip disk with you, work on your data in the office, work on it at home, or work on the treo and then sync the ZIP and the Treo when you are at home.
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    To email your datebook to colleagues simply export your datebook as a *.dba file. Email it and then your colleagues simply import it. Alternatively you can right-click on entries and automatically email them as vcs files which are then received by your colleagues and go straight into their Palm Software.

    I cant seem to vcs multiple entries though (an entire catagory would be ideal).
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    or, you can export to a .vcs file (iCalendar/vCalendar) and e-mail which is compatible with Outlook.

    <edit> Oops, that was suggested in the previous post. Sorry.

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