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    there is an option under preferences to turn the Treo off after 1,/2, 1, 2 or 3 minutes.

    does anyone one a way to extend that to not turn it off until i close the lid?
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    Here is one option:

    :shortcut: .3

    Open a new memo:

    Type the following into the new memo:

    :shortcut: .3 without any spaces.

    The :shortcut: is keyed by pressing "s" then the list key button "...".

    The text will then change to "[No Auto-off]"

    How long this lasts I do not know. But it should work if you do that, then start your program.

    I think that there are hacks out there that will work too, don't recall the names
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    One of the stay-on features I would like is to have the Treo stay on after the lid closes for the duration set in the preperences. Now it auto offs in 30 seconds rather than waiting for the preference duration.

    This would make reading books more convienient.
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    You can try stayonlinehack (search palmgear) and it has this function, however it is a bit buggy and inconsistent.

    It has a same setting for lid and switch, hence if you tick the box you can no longer switch the treo off.

    There has been suggestions to remove the magnet inside the cover that activates the magnetic on/off switch ....
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    where did you find out about the".3" command?! also did you try " " and all the other numbers? what does it all mean?!
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    Try the AutoOff great! you can set the auto off timer to anything you want, or make it so your Treo never turns off.
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    i want to keep the treo on when the flip is in the open postion. if i use autooff, will the treo turn off when i flip it closed?
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    Just do as I mentioned above.

    :shortcut: .3 in a new memo and whenever the lid is open the treo will stay on and when you close the lid it will turn off.
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    Outstanding! thanks.
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    Now where in the heck is this documented? Where do I find out about other little tricks like this one?

    Why is this not in Prefs?

    Nice tip tho.. Thanks,


    P.S. Is there a shortcut to the "shortcut" symbol from the keyboard other then "s" then "..." then "up" "up"?
    Thanks for watching! We'll see you next week.
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    It's not documented anywhere that I'm aware of. I learned about it here at TC!

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