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    Is anyone aware of either an application or commands to mute themicrophone on the Treo?

    I've recently gotten involved in a lot of weekly telephone conferences, and the Treo seems to generate a lot of noise if I try to use it

    The ability to mute the micorphone would be wonderful.

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    if you install the GPRS update to your device, you'll get a mute button. It works very well. No, you don't have to use GPRS data or pay for that service to gain the benefits of the bug fixes and feature additions in the GPRS update.
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    Seems like the perfect solution. But it appears the GPRS update is T-mobile specific. And I'm locked into Cingular for a bit longer! and, of course, switching means new phone numbers, etc!

    - is there another solution - or am I missing something about the GPRS upgrade?

    Thanks again.
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    well, you could bypass the checking mechanism in the upgrade like people did before the T-Mobile update was released. If you're not going to use GPRS anyway, then no big deal.
    Or, wait for the Cingular GPRS update. :\
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    Go ahead and upgrade.
    I was quite hesitant to upgrade, but the added features are WELL WORTH THE RISK. Just the Mute and Speakerphone buttons alone make the phone 10X more useful. Not to mention getting to just dial on the dialpad without having to which views.

    It's worth the risk, just do it!
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    I'm perfectly willing to try the GPRS upgrade. I just need the file!!

    But when I go to the Handspring site, they send me to T-Mobile - which requires a T-Mobile phone number to begin the download!!

    My question now is - is there any other way to get the upgrade file?? Any otherURL, etc!
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    Follow the instructions at the following link and when it asks for your user name and password insert those from "my wireless window" and voila!

    You need to replace your currentcarrier.pdb file in your back up folder w/ the modified one found above and it will let you proceed with the upgrade.
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    Got the files & the instructions, millerhifi. Thanks.

    But WHERE is "my wireless window" with Uname & PW you say to use?

    The GPRS installer is asking - and I can't find such a "window" anywhere on the Handspring site - or on my Treo.

    Thanks in advance!
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    When you signed up with Cingular, in order to use blazer on your treo you had to create a user name and password for "my wireless window" right? This is the user name and password that I'm referring to.
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    Thanks to everyone for the help on how to install the GPRS upgrade to get a mute button. It's now installed - not without significant pain - and works well.

    NOTE to anyone trying it:
    1) have a FULLY charged battery;
    2) don't interrupt the process!!
    3) follow the steps shown in the upgrade program exactly. They're well-written!

    The first upgrade I tried ran for 5-10 minutes and didn't seem to doing anything - looked hung - so I broke it off & pulled the sync cable!
    - all I could get was a flashing Handspring logo. Wouldn't reset (soft or hard).
    - THEN I read on the Handspring site about the upgrade taking a L-O-N-G time with a warning not to interrupt it!!

    My only option was to let my battery fully discharge. Took about 3 days!!
    - then I could hard reset it, did a sync to get my data back. Then started the "upgrade" a second time.
    - but this time I started it last evening before leaving work!! Just walked out & let it run. When I got back this morning, it had completed. Several more steps (well prompted on-screen), another sync - and I was there!!

    Again- thanks to everyone for the advice.
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    Glad to hear that you were successful!

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