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    I live on the East Coast. My time is set to network time. For some reason my phone thinks the network time is somewhere on the West Coast. For example, it is currently 4:40 EST, which my phone lists correctly. However, when I go to the CityTime Page, it thinks it is 4:40 PST, and 7:40 EST. I have looked everywhere and not found where this can be adjusted.

    I called Sprint and spoke to a wireless internet specialist. I described how the phone was consfusing what time zone I was in. I said "For some reason, I think the phone thinks it is in PST and thinks EST is currently 3 hours ahead of the current time."

    His reply "Actually, the difference is 4 hours" I am still laughing about that one. And the call went downhill from there. Thanks for any suggestions. -Tlop
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    go to the "City Time" app and set your home city. Options/Select Home City
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    Wow, I am an *****. Thanks. -Tlop

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