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    I need a second USB cable and charger to leave at work. I'd rather not pay the higher price for the Handspring versions, but I also don't want to fry my new toy.

    If this has been posted before (likely), I couldn't find it in an obvious thread title.

    If any of you own a second charger/usb cable, please recommend them to me.

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    ive been using a usb sync and charge cable for a couple of months now and have never had a problem with it. actually, I like it more than the treo charger because I can charge right from the usb port. I'm in the barbershop right now waiting to get my haircut so I can't look up the name of it but I will when I get home...
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    hi, i just got a treo charger from amazon with $10 off. Maybe that will be of some help 2 u. take care, jay
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    i use two non-handspring USB sync charge cables, one at work and one at the office, and also took one on the road with my laptop. works beautifully.
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    Looks like I'm gonna hit ebay. Thanks!

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