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    OK, this is a really dumb question, but I can't find the answer anywhere!!! I'm trying to set up my sprint e-mail on my treo. All the instructions say go to the wireless web then select "@sprintPCS" to access the inbox. I have absolutely nothing that even looks like this to select. I get a menu of icons like "what's new, messaging, etc.." and none of them have any links to e-mail or "@sprintpcs". I also tried going to the sprint web site but it didn't work to sign in either. Those of you using sprint e-mail, where do you get into it???? And please I know this is a dumb question quake8- If it makes your day to belittle someone then this is your chance!!!

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    If you are wanting the addresses for the email server, here they are.


    Hopefully this helps.
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    I am really sorry you have been belittled Marcy. To access your SprintPCS email you have to have an email program loaded on your Treo300 and configured correctly. You have many choices. Try logging into the communcations software section and read up on the various pros and cons of different applications. I, personally, like Treo Mail and Snappermail. I would suggest you try several... I did. In fact, I think I have tried them all. ;-)

    There is no way to access your SprintPCS email directly - - the "manage Sprint account" website is not accessible via Blazer because it requires a browser that handles Java (I think), which Blazer does not.

    If you need any more help feel free to contact me directly and I will be happy to guide you as best I can (although there are many others here much more knowledgeable than I am).

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    If you want to access the manage site via the Treo, you can use the web browser Xiino.

    I have just started to try this one out and it does, in fact, log in. It is a little difficult to read some of the information though. It is a bit jumbled up.

    Just in case you wanted to know.........

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    Thanks! I originally thought I needed e-mail software, but the directions on the sprint site made me question that! I think I may try Eudora first since its free. Does Xiina support java? Is that why it lets you log-in?
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    Yes Xiino supports Java.

    Eudora is a good basic email client (which is free, like you said).

    Mark/Space Mail is another (I'm using it right now)

    Snappermail is another (I own this one too)

    The one thing I like about the latter two is the periodic fetching ability (automatically check your mail) and notifying you of its arrival.

    Eudora though, is the only one of these three that reads HTML. Bummer. I wish Mark/Space or Snapper would come out with a HTML capable client. That would win me over completely.

    Good Luck,
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    There is a rather lengthy thread in the Communications Software section that outlines the various e-mail clients that are available. There are pros and cons to each one depending upon your needs and requirements.
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    Ok I'm trying 2banywhere e-mail to get my sprint mail. Another really dumb question- is the sprint mail pop3 or imap? And is the server

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    SprintPCS mail has both pop and imap.

    Also here is the web interface to your SprintPCS email.

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