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    Is there any way of removing these scratches and making the plastic see through again ? It's not too bad but annoying. Also, I know that this plastic is there to stop the inside screen from being scratched, and believe me I'm glad it was the outside screen.

    Any advice/suggestions much appreciated.
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    There is some great stuff out there called Novus. It's cream polish that restores plastic.

    I used it on the instrument panel in my car when I accidentally got armorall on it. The Armorall created a haze that could not be removed. Novus essentailly strips a very thin layer of the plastic off. They have 3 levels of polish depending on the scratch or situation.

    I also used it on a scratched watch face. It removed most of the light scratches and cleaned up the deep ones.

    You can look for it at automotive detail shops or places that specialize in plastics or plexiglass. I couldn't find it locally but was able to order it online. I recommened getting the 3 bottle kit.

    It's not going to work miracles but it's worth a shot.
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    Thanks nberggren,

    I'll see if I can find some and give it a try.
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    I put the plastic screen protectors on both the Treo screen AND on the outside plastic window (same size fits both). The outside one has stayed on wonderfully and has protected the screen from scratches. Screen distortion is slightly increased when looking through the closed lid, but I'll take that over a nasty collection of little key scrapes any day.
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    I would give the Meguiar's products a try. I have used their plastic polish to repair scratched rental DVD's that would not play in my home DVD player. I buffed on the polish, and then the movies played back fine. I think some people rent DVD's and use them as frisbees . You can find Meguiar's stuff online or at the local auto parts store.
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    Yeah, the Novus producted worked wonders for me. Posted a thread about it a few months ago:

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