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    I currently use my Treo on the t-mobile network. AT&T wireless just came into my area and I'm thinking of switching over due to t-mobiles lousy coverage. Both t-mobile and AT&T use 1900GSM.

    Will I be able to just put my AT&T SIM card into the Treo and use it? Have any of you done this?

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    Yes, you should be able to do this. This is the advantage of GSM phones. I would try with a friends SIM card first just to make sure that your Treo is unlocked. The majority of them are, especially if bought it direct rom Handspring.
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    I'm using my Treo on AT&T in New York. Works. But GPRS coverage isn't very good. GSM is new for AT&T. Many spots don't have GPRS coverage. Some spots have coverage one second, no coverage next second. The signal itself isn't reliable either. In my office, I often get no signals, once this lasted more than a day.
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    While in the Bay Area over the xmas holiday, I borrowed a friend's AT&T GSM SIM card and popped it into my Treo.

    It worked great (including GPRS data access). AT&T seemed to have better coverage in that area than Cingular. (San Jose)

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