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    I love my Treo -- been waiting my whole life for a device like this. How can we get the word out?

    If more people knew about it we could be sure that Handspring will keep making and improving on the Treo.
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    Spreading the good word about the Treo, is unfortunately, only
    half the story. The 300 is only as good as the wireless Sprint network that supports it. SPRINT needs to get their RF engineers and technicians out into the field and get the dead spots (areas with no wireless coverage) filled in with new repeater and tower sites. Their coverage map is largely a lie. For those of you that live and work in the footprint of a nearby Sprint antenna, won't have a clue about what Im talking about. For the rest of us, we continue to struggle finding radio "good spots", standing near windows, and stepping outdoors to get a signal.
    Can you say, "Can you hear me now?"
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    Jdoran, well said!!!!

    In Florida also there are alot of dead spots. In Ft. lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach.

    Sprint has alot of positive points..good phones, technologically advanced. PCS Vision.

    My main two problems with using the Sprint Treo300 package is SprintPCS coverage dead spots, and poor volume quality on the Treo.

    I wish Sprint would aggressively fix the problems!!!
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    I had AT&T before Sprint, and my coverage with Sprint has been better.

    I would say that any carrier is going to have dead spots.

    Many of them might be the same because some towns will not allow a tower there.

    I'm not saying Sprint is perfect, but they have been better than some of the other carriers.

    I agree with the original post (which seems to have been hijacked with sprint complaints),
    I show off my Treo whenever I can. There is definately a "wow" factor when I show them I can surf, chat, etc.. and do all the Palm stuff on it.
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    Njchris, your comments are well taken...My presumption is that you are among the fortunate who use your Treo under the shadow of nearby Sprint sites...thats great!
    Please don't take my comments the wrong way, but if we truly want to show off our Treo's we shouldnt be shy about our candor in exposing it's weak points (and dead spots!) as well.
    And, having said that...I wouldnt dream of showing off my TREO in a radio dead spot...that would be an embarrasing moment for Sprint and Handspring. The ultimate goal is that a Sprint VP reads these threads, and brings the info back to the people who can spend the money to make a great network/hardware, even better...

    As for local towns getting in the way of new towers, more of us should take a pro-active role by showing up at zoning board meetings and let them know there are taxpayers out there who support the construction necessary to support the technology.

    Or do we really? I don't think we can have it both ways.

    More Sprint Antennas=More Happy Customers

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