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    Okay, I've had my Treo since the roll-out in August. I love it. Now, I'm already salivating for the next version Treo. Does anyone have any wispers on when the next Sprint version Handspring produced Treo will come out?

    I'm guessing no earlier than third quarter this year, but that's a total, uneducated guess.

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    Anyone know?
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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    Awww.. that means NOBODY knows. I suspect people at Handspring know. If they do not know, then I'll agree with the "no". Otherwise, it's not an all-encompasing no, but a no that I know doesn't mean no. You know?
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    Me thinks Handspring is probably not big into developing a new Treo until the 300 either takes hold and breaks sales records or they are bought out (one rumor running the mill is that Palm is looking to buy Handspring in 2003....)

    Until then, Handspring is pretty cash strapped, so I doubt we'll see anything new from them (as-in Handspring) in 2003 anyway...

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    I would think they have continued to invest in R&D. Plus, revenues from new Treo's can only boost their cash position. Not to mention, there are other carriers they have yet to ink for distribution. Maybe the next Treo is an AT&Treo..pardon the pun or a Verizon Treo.

    - Chris
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    Unless something monumental happens, it doesn't appear that their (handspring) cash position is going to improve. One can gain a lot of insight by looking at their latest 10K and 10Q. And, they are due for new quarterly reports soon. So, we will see.
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    I'm dying for a new Treo with Bluetooth. Is it a no-brainer that the next version will have it?

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