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    Hi all,
    I notice the Sprint manual seems pretty thin on the subject. I have a work email account. How can I setup the Treo 300 to get this email? Do I have to pay for something to do it or is this a standard part of the package?
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    I suppose doing a search is out of the question? In short, you need an e-mail client (unless you are using Exchange OWA). Go look in the "communications" sections for the popular clients depending upon you needs, server type, etc. There are also reviews.
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    There are a number of ways of doing email such as (a) syncing with your PC or (b) wireless email. For me, the latter is what it's all about as the Treo is a wireless device. For this to work for your account you'll need an email client (e.g. multimail, snappermail) and a server to connect to. Ask your company IS people if this is possible (do employees get there company email at home or on the road?). If so, they should give you the address of the server and username/password for your account. If you use Outlook you can integrate quite nicely but it's equally easy to use IMAP/POP using one of the above programs. Cheers.
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    Thanks. Yes, I can access my pop/smtp server at HQ from my home office. So the only additional thing I'll need is an email client like snappermail, right? No extra charges from Sprint?

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    No extra charges.

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