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    I noticed that there are certain names in my contact list that are buggy when I reply to them via treo300sms. One example is my friend; I have her in my contacts list as Crys Del Rosario and have her mobile number saved. When she texts me, I hit the reply button but it does not put her phone number in the "to" field (it is just blank). However, when I reply to others (granted they are already in my contacts list), their mobile phone number defaults in the "to" field.
    What could be causing this bug? I have tried making her last name DelRosario (no space in between) but I still run into the same reply problem...
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    I had this happen a couple times and finally discovered that the numbers that ended up blank had been marked private. Once I removed that.. the number showed up in the field.. good luck
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    Had this problem happen again yesterday and had to add a company name to get it to see it.. Strange

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