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    I posted this on the general software area, but thought I would put it here as well... sorry.
    I have a Treo 300 with lots of apps that I needed to move to a new Treo 300. Using Backup Buddy I restored the data/programs to the new Treo only to find that only the data for the native palm apps had been successfuly restored-- nothing else was there! I still have the old treo w/ everything on it, so I am wondering what I should do next (and what I did incorrectly to begin with!). Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks, Robert.
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    I am no Backup Buddy expert ... but go into the settings and check them. I have checked "Backup Applications and Data in Flash ROM" and I this might be what you are missing. Also go into "Custom" on your Hotsync menu and check to be sure you have your set your settings and conduits correctly. Good luck.
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    Finally got the new Treo 300 up and running. Treo300SMS was the problem. When I took it out of the backup, the restore to the new unit work flawlessly.
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    I have Treo300SMS and I have no problems with Backup Buddy...
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    I only had a problem when I tried to restore that program along with many others to a new Treo 300. Have you done that?
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    I've had to do a few restores but never since I've gotten Treo300SMS. But as long as it worked ... all's well that ends well!

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