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    Is anyone having problems sending mail through the SMTP server of Sprint using their Treo? I was able to send mail via my email accounts using Sprint's server ( into Friday, but since Saturday, nothing will go out. I get the "CONNECTED, NEGOTIATING . . . " when it tries to send the email, but it just sits waiting for an acknowledgement. Mail can be read just fine via the POP server. I have tried different mail programs but no luck. I can also connect to other SMTP servers with other mail accounts, so I know that it must be on the Sprint side (perhaps here locally in VA).

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    Their manage account website is down as well. I have not been able to log in all afternoon.
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    I also noticed that the online login page was down. The odd thing is that I can send a message via my desktop computer through the Sprint SMTP server. The problem only seems to be when accessing the system via the 300 in wireless mode.
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    There are 2 threads already on this. In a way, I'm glad more people are experiencing the same issue. And in a way, I hope more people using sprintpcs smtp server do experience this problem, maybe then sprint will either (1) listen and fix the issue (2) come out with a statement about their servers and policies around what is or isn't allowed.

    RBMTS2000, are you using a different POP3 server other than sprintpcs'? Before others chime and reiterate how phocked up Sprint service/servers are, let me say that I agree. What stinks is not being able to use a service that we are paying for ..

    It shouldn't be a question of not being on the sprint network, heck if you own a Treo 300, you ARE on the system ..

    Waiting for others.
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    I've had Treo 300 for just over a week and the SprintPCS login page is almost always down. Half of the time, it's temprorary down...

    About the SMTP server nightmare, I am also pretty frustrated with the fact that it's soooo difficult to send email through sprintpcs account... First, I had to go find the email client.
    Second I have to search around for the mail configuration. Last, only to find out it seems impossible to send email using the sprintpcs email account. I mean it clearly states "Send and receive email and instant messages or chat" in the back of the treo box.
    The fact that we have use different means (such as using different account or have to pay extra) to retrieve/send email is a non-sense.
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    I have still not been able to send email all day today. I have spent a total of 2 hours on the phone (getting hung up on once) to learn that Sprint is still having problems with their SMTP servers. They tell me that it is not system wide, but outage is "spotty". No estimated time to repair. I'll wait to see just how long this goes on for before I request some service credit. LOL

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