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    I was wondering if there is a program out there that can enable voice memos on the treo. I was used to having that feature on my old phones and I kind of miss the convenience of not having to type something down. It's faster to just record it...

    Thanks in advance.
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    Doesn't exist.
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    the best substitute suggestion i heard was call and leave yourself messages on your voicemail (not saying that's a great solution, just the best alternative i saw in a thread on here)
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    i know, i've read that as well but it just takes too long to go through voicemail . i guess i'm just impatient :P
    i read somewhere there's something called VoicePad but i haven't found the software. anyone know if that works?
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    This subject has been beat to death. If you do a search you will find a number of threads on this subject. Here is a sample that addresses the subject pretty well including Voicepad.
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    I think from missbliss's post it's clear that she has read the threads on this board regarding voice memos. I have as well, and one point hasn't been followed up on: HandEra's VoicePad compatibility with the Treo 300.

    The above linked thread has a post by Thegman in which he says that he's read an account of a German user(s) that extracted VoicePad from a HandEra 330 and got it to work on a Treo 180/270. He links to the HandEra conduit download, but I've done some extensive searching for what Thegman's referred to, but have found nothing.

    Has anyone, including Thegman, found any online references to VoicePad's compatibilty with any Treos? Has anyone found a copy of VoicePad online that is not just a the HandEra's conduit?

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    I really have no idea how someone got VoicePad running on the Treo. I just extracted VoicePad from my HandEra 330 and installed it on a Treo 180 and Treo 300. In both cases, it tells me that the VFS API is required to use the program. Since the Treo (communicator) doesn't have a card slot, it doesn't have the VFS API.

    In any case, the HandEra 330 has dedicated hardware for sound playback that the Treos don't have (the 330 can play .wav files).

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