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    I have just purchased a Treo 300. Is it possible to check my email at a Hotmail address? Can it be done with any third party add-on?
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    Point Blazer to this link and you should be fine:

    You can do a search for "Hotmail" on the boards (see search link above) to learn more.
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    I found out that a few mail services can retreive Hotmail. One example is which can periodically pull in your Hotmail and you can then access fastmail with a standard POP3 client. Fastmail POP3 access costs money of course.

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    2BAnywhere is a great little e-mail program that lets you wirelessly check IMAP, POP3 and hotmail from your Treo. It's Beta now, and I suppose that's why it's free. I love it!
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    Yardie- thanks for the link to msn mail. It worked perfectly! At least I can get that e-mail now. Now if I can just figure out my business e-mail....


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