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    Just an informal survey to see if it is just me or what... I think I average about 4-5 resets a week. Personally I think that it is either Ringo or BugMe causing the problem, but I wanted to see how other Treo users were faring. Thanks.
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    Never really counted... Maybe 3-5 times a week. I have to reboot my PC 3 times a week so it makes PalmOS look pretty good
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    Mine resets about once a day. That is completely unnacceptable for a cell phone, in my opinion. I've deleted all of my 3rd party apps to make sure that it was the phone. I called tech support and they are replacing it. If my next treo does the same thing, I'll have to get a new phone.
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    I had a nokia 8390 that I had to reset all the time too. I believe that they have new firmware now, but it requires sending your phone into Nokia to fix.

    I reset my Treo about 3-5 times a week as well.
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    Note that I don't have many 3rd party apps on my unit, and don't use the browser at all. Pretty vanilla. Maybe that's why I haven't need to reset? Cingular service, in case that makes a difference.

    I haven't reset mine at all in three months ... until a few days ago. It locked up twice that day, and several times today, including a hard reset. I didn't re-install and it locked up again.

    Called Treo Support, forked over $20 on my credit card (> 3 months, just), and went through the 'reset, charge, wait until it fails again, call us back'.

    So now I'm waiting for it to fail again... Then my 2nd replacement, hopefully... (Hmm, how many do you get before they send you a 270?)
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    don't be too excited about getting a 270 - from my experience they are just as flawed. Im waiting on my 3rd replacement, each with a different issue. I've come to the conclusion that all we can do is keep getting replacements until your year is up (get extended coverage if you want to keep using it) and then get a better phone/pda combo made to handle the real world a little better. Brighter screen outdoors, bluetooth built in, tougher casing are all things I'll be looking for. There should be a good new batch of phones coming, they will be expensive as well, but If Nokia or Motorola had one, i'd go for it.

    I've used handsprings for a while now, and am afraid I can no longer go on recommending them to freinds. It's probably worth the slightly higher price to get a stable, and funtional handheld. Why does HS always come out with the best functionality, but cut corners to keep the price low? I'd pay extra for something I know will last more than a couple months.

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

    There are NO Limits
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    I see what you mean. Some quick scanning of the 270 forum suggests its the same set of problems, but with a color screen.

    I've come to the sad conclusion that after I get my next replacement (waiting on a supervisor to call back to confirm it), that I'll flog the (hopefully) new phone on Ebay and go back to my Nokia 3390 and maybe a Palm Zire as a stopgap.

    Its a great concept, but just not rugged enough (either software or hardware) for cell phone use unfortunately.
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    Yes, I'm sorry to admit that I've reset my treo 180 a third time this day, and on top of that I dropped it from my desk on to the floor (cement with a plastic carpet) and it went dead. The alarm sound is no longer hearable (no alarm/ringer sound emitted but the vibratoe is still active and there is something loose inside the treo if you shake it).

    Anyway, the treo, is the perfect companion. You always have instant access to the intenet from your pocket (including sms and voice), so a reset here and then may be acceptable, but a drop from 80cm is not good enough. I'm disapointed, but the clert in the stor I bought it promissed me a new replace unit, so I', looking forward for the replace unit and will never drop it again (when now using a handspring action bag.

    The reason I bought the treo was:
    0. my pöd mobile went dead and
    1. it was as cheep as a ordinary phone (both without subscribtion service)
    2. and a got a palm (16mb etc) included, Yeah!
    3. instant internet access, good.

    I've never regret the buy (except when I dropped it),
    so be sure to cover your self with ensurance.

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    My 4th Treo 180 that I got a few weeks ago (this one a new unit, not a refurb) keeps locking up on me. I've reset it a couple of times again today and not installed any other software on there. Still no luck with it.

    Really unacceptable. I wouldn't be so mad if I had paid $99 or $199 for this thing, but I paid $549. Not the kind of money to throw at something that is so flawed.

    I think I am going to call up HS (again) and see if I can't badger them into sending me a 270 as a replacement. If I'm able to, I might take it and toss it on ebay - and buy something else.

    I really love the Treo concept, but it's dang irritating to have to call and get a replacement every other month!
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    I don't know if my experiences are representative of anybody. I have reset my Treo once or twice in the time I've owned it (three months or so), none of them hard resets. It's my second Treo... my first one didn't give me too much trouble either, at least until the time when it started messing up.
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    You can reset these things?

    Really... a couple months with my treo300 and I've had one soft reset. I've installed many games, TC Ringer, Snappermail, iambic stuff, HS photo album, KB Tracker, Noah Lite, Reco Echo, Yahoo messenger, MSN Messenger, Verichat, treomodem, .... and other stuff I've since deleted. I'm still looking for the right email program... but I use email and blazer many times a day.

    Maybe I'm just lucky.
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    Since November I have used the Treo 300 intensively, particularly data. I remember only one instance in which I saw the Treo reset itself. Then, last week, it did it about 4 or 5 times. I myself have never had to reset for any lockups etc., but then I have very little software installed (no hacks at all). Last week the resets came when I was using the net and I saw here that others had problems as well so I attributed it to Sprint and not the Treo. All in all, it seems to me that the Treo 300 has an excellent balance of features all of which seem to work almost flawlessly; it is a truly amazing piece of engineering when one considers all the elements that must be coordinated for it to work at all.

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