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    When I dial a number from contacts I can't go back without re-entering the name if the first number isn't answered and I want to try another. Is there a way to go back to the previous screen without re-entering the name??
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    I haven't found a "back button" either, but I categorize my contacts, and set the contact list to "remember last category" in preferences.

    For you that might work if you have a small but frequently called group of people. You can name the group whatever you choose, and make that the list that the phone app opens up to, so everytime you go to the contacts page it will default to that group, which would allow you to use the wheel to go right down the shorter, but frequently called list.

    Of course, when you want to view the entire contact list, it does require you to get out the stylus and tap the screen to change from the preferred group to "All". I have not found a way to toggle through the contact groups without the stylus.

    Hope that helps, although I know it's not the answer you were looking for!


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