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    I want to uninstall Pilot Install. It crashes my visor when I install a picture. And it's not that much of a shortcut for installing add ons. I emailed the company -- no response. The help is no help. On my desk top, it is not listed in add/remove programs. Any ideas?
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    If I remember correctly, Pilot Install doesn't actually "install" into Windows. What it does is ask if you want it to be the default application for Palm files. I think what you need to do is right-click on each type of Palm file (prc, pdb, pqa), select "open with," select the install program you now want to use (check the option to always use this program) and select okay or whatever the button is.

    Hope this helps. If I've been incorrect in any of this, I hope someone else can correct me.

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    So is it safe to delete the pilot install file?
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    Yes. If you do that before associating the Palm files, you will be asked to the next time you try to open one.


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